Belstaff comes to Teasdale’s!

Belstaff comes to Teasdale’s!
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About Belstaff

If you’ve watched Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travel the world on their bikes for the last 20 years, then you’ll know who Belstaff are. They’re the company who’ve been supplying the two riders with clothing for their long-distance journeys. Whether that was their London-New York, John O’Groats-Cape Town, or more recently their Ushuaia-Los Angeles road trip: the two riders can be found wearing Belstaff.

Belstaff has focused their efforts on providing the best long-distance travel wear with their “long way up” range which is what we’ll be bringing to Teasdale Motorcycles!

This is what Belstaff has to say about their on-bike collection:
“Built for the Long Way, the new on-bike collection features an adventure suit made with Gore-Tex to offer the ultimate protection in all conditions. There are some personal touches, too — Ewan took the Trialmaster as a template and made it his own with 12oz waxed cotton from Halley Stevensons, a mill just a few miles from his hometown. Paired with the McGregor trousers in grained leather, Ewan’s on-the-road kit is as stylish as it is functional. Charley collaborated on a pair of jeans with hidden protection that fit in wherever you are — ideal if you’re packing light.”

So be sure to check our online store or come into the store in just a few weeks time to check out our Belstaff range!

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