MY19 1290 Super Adventure S : Adventure Squared

MY19 1290 Super Adventure S : Adventure Squared
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  Get £2,500 worth of fitted parts

UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE: Whether it’s cracking the throttle wide open out of an exhilarating corner, or braking hard while tipping it in, bending the laws of physics is what the MY19 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S is made for. Its combination of 160 hp (119 kW), 140 Nm of torque and a mere 215 kg dry weight is kept in check by the most advanced electronics in the world of motorcycling. All you have to do is focus on the road ahead and hold on tight while enjoying every twist and turn en route to your destination.1290 Super Adventure S banner

KTM has now launched their Super Adventure S² promotion which gives you £2,500 worth of fitted extras with every purchase of a 2019 1290 Super Adventure S!
Each purchase comes with the following extras:
Akrapovic Slip-on Line    –    £857.10 rrp
Touring Case Set    –    £871.08 rrp
Touring Top Case    –    £436.86 rrp
Ergo Seat    –    £218.88 rrp
Heated Grip Kit    –    £174.24 rrp

Finance Examples

Below you can find an example PCP finance example. KTM is also offering 4.9% APR on all PCP finance deals which gives this promotion double the value. You can find further KTM finance examples here.

1290 Super Adventure S Finance Table

We also offer HP finance deals at just 2.9% APR. Below you can find a finance example of what this would look like.

HP Finance Example 1290 Super Adventure S

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