MOTO GUZZI V85 TT Travel ( 2020 )


The Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel

For 2020 Moto Guzzi is pleased to present the new V85 TT Travel, a new version of the successful and warmly received V85 TT, which has its touring credentials further highlighted thanks to a range of standard equipment including panniers, touring screen, heated grips and LED lamps.

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The Moto Guzzi V85 TT reflects a construction philosophy in which simplicity, practicality and handling make for an unfiltered relationship between bike and rider, one that is dedicated to adventurous travels, a true Moto Guzzi legacy, and something that the Travel version further highlights.

The V85 TT’s equipment is comprised of accessories that are all available in the official accessories catalogue and includes a taller touring screen for greater air protection thanks to a surface area that is 60% larger than the original part.
The V85 TT travel also comes with two plastic panniers with aluminium inserts. The panniers stand out for their significant capacity: 37 litres for the right-hand case, which can hold a full-face helmet, and 27.5 litres for the left. The locks use the same key as the ignition and there is no bulky frame required to mount them, so bike’s handsome lines remain intact when they are removed.

Heated grips are also included and are operated with buttons already incorporated in the original left-hand switchgear, along with a pair of additional LED lights. The range of special equipment is rounded out with Moto Guzzi MIA, the multimedia platform that allows the rider to connect a smartphone to the vehicle, extending the functions of the instrument cluster.

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel is also offered in a new, exclusive Sabbia Namib colour: the grey frame is paired with the matte colour of the chassis, while the tank and side panels are enhanced with dedicated graphics. Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres underline the adventure touring attitude.


This is a well-proportioned adventure bike and one that can be used by riders of any level of experience; the seat is only 830mm from the ground and is narrow enough to allow great freedom of movement. Thanks to a 23-litre tank, the V85 TT can guarantee a range of more than 400km. A tubular frame exploits the engine as a load-bearing element that ensures the necessary stiffness to deliver efficiency and riding enjoyment on the road, as well as optimum balance during light enduro use.

Powered by a new engine with the same exclusive construction framework seen across all Moto Guzzi models currently in production, the V85 TT employs an air-cooled transverse 90° V twin with OHV distribution and two valves per cylinder, meaning it carries the pride and tradition of the Mandello Eagle. Engine capacity is 853cc and thanks to its completely new design and the use of materials generally destined for race bikes, such as titanium, it delivers maximum power of 80hp, as well as an impressive maximum torque value of 80Nm at 5,000rpm. 90% of the engine’s torque is available at 3,750rpm, in keeping with the tradition of the Mandello twin, which has always offered excellent drive even at very low revs.

For maximum travel enjoyment for all riders, Moto Guzzi has designed a complete range of standard electronic equipment. To make life easier and safer, Moto Guzzi introduces three different riding modes: Road, Rain and Off-road. Each one corresponds to a different engine mapping and a different calibration of the MGCT traction control (which can be disabled) and ABS, as well as a different response from the ride-by-wire throttle.



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