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Did you know a regularly serviced motorcycle retains a higher resale value? So not only do you get a bike in tip-top condition all year round; you’ll also save a little money in the long-run too. This makes the decision to regularly service your bike a bit of a no brainer! The only question left is when should you get your bike serviced? We believe the best answer to that is a winter motorcycle service!
Winter Service promotion flyer

With winter fast approaching, why not take advantage of our winter motorcycle service offer. Not only will we collect your bike free of charge, but we also offer a reduced labour rate of £50/hr as opposed to our standard rate of £70/hr!

Your bike will be serviced by our fully factory-trained technicians, given a full valet, and finally, treated with ACF50 anti-corrosion protection. We will add fuel stabiliser and return your bike to you as part of the service. This offer runs from 1st Nov to 29th Feb.

(Free collection within a 60-mile radius.)

Below you can find an infographic of the services we offer.

Teasdale Motorcycles Service Options

If you’re looking for tips on what you can do at home, be sure to check out our article on how to prepare your bike for the winter months. This covers all the essential tips for keeping your bike safe over winter.

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